Quotes collection #6 (59 quotes)

Dalai Lama

“All religions are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of a few.”

“Only great minds can afford a simple style.”

“Pleasure is often spoiled by describing it.”

“The more one pleases everybody, the less one pleases profoundly.”


“The averice of mankind is insatiable.”

“It was through the feeling of wonder that men now and first began to philosophize.”

“We must no more ask whether the soul and body are one than ask whether the wax and the figure impressed are one.”

“Obstinate people can be divided into the opionated, the ignorant, and the boorish.”

“A good style must have an air of novelty, at the same time consealing its art.”

“Evil draws men together.”


“Get not your friends by bare compliments, but by giving them sensible tokens of your love.”

“False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.”

“They are not only idle who do nothing, but they are idle also who might be better employed.”

“give me beauty in the inward soul; may the outward and the inward man be at one.”

“Slanderers do not hurt me because they do not hit me.”

“I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.”

Quintus Ennius

“Let no one weep for me, or celebrate my funeral with mourning; for I still live as I pass to and fro through the mouths of men.”

“A little moralizing is good – a little: I like a taste, but not a bath of it.”

“He whose wisdom cannot help him, gets no good from being wise.”

“They hate whom they fear.”

“No one regards what is before his feet; we all gaze at the stars.”

“He hath freedom whoso beareth clean and constant heart within.”


“Go forth a conqueror and win great victories.”

“Fortune favors the bold.”

“Love conquers all.”

“Hope on, and save yourself for prosperous times.”

“Mind moves matter.”

“Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love.”

“Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do. With such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”

“Endure the present, and watch for better things.”

“Do not yield to misfortunes, but advance more boldly to meet them, as your fortune permits you.”

“Perhaps one day this too will be pleasant to remember.”

“Yield not to calamity, but face her boldly.”

“Fortune sides with him who dares.”


‘’He means well’ is useless unless he does well.”

“The day, water, sun, moon, night – I do not have to purchase these things with money.”

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”

“A mouse does not rely on just one hole.”

“Courage is what preserves our liberty, safety, life, and our homes and parents, our country and children. Courage comprises all things.”

“Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend.”


“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

“Nothing can be created out of nothing.”

“It is great wealth to a soul to live frugally with a contented mind.”

“Love is a product of habit.”

“The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by often falling.”

“Fear was the first thing on earth to make gods.”

“The greatest wealth is to live content with little, for there is never want where the mind is satisfied.”

“What is food to one man is bitter poison to others.”

“Victory puts us on a level with heaven.”

“The sum of all sums is eternity.”


“Great is the road I climb, but the garland offered by an easier effort is not worth the gathering.”

“Give the historians something to write about.”

“In great things it is enough even to have willed.”

Herman Melville

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

“Art is the onjectification of feeling.”

“To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on a flea, though many there be that have tried it.”

Jim Rohn

“Income seldom exceeds personal development.”

“Don’t become a victim of yourself. Forget about the thief waiting in the alley; what about the thief in your mind?”

“Whoever renders service for many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation and great joy.”

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